You can come visit us at our home in Hallarflöt in Dimmuborgir from November 30th - December 24th between 11:00am and 1:00pm. 

Visit us at any point within this time frame, meet us, get to know us, ask us to sing a song, dance and maybe do a magic trick.. and walk around and look at our cave and enjoy the beautiful landscape Dimmuborgir offers. There are rarely many of us at once in the area since we are very busy preparing for the holidays. How many of us will you spot? Will you recognize who we are and what our names are? 

18 years and older pay 1.500isk entry fee. 
12-17 years old pay 500isk entry fee.

Komdu og heimsæktu okkur í Dimmuborgum á milli kl 11:00 og 13:00 frá og með 30. nóvember til 24. desember. 

18 ára og eldri greiða 1.500kr í Grýlusjóð. 
12 -17. ára greiða 500kr í Grýlusjóð.